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New Website Design for Pixel Candy

Once every few months, we re-design our website, so that we can keep things fresh, and also show off some of the latest technologies.

It is that time again, and we’d like to present our much more user friendly design along with a completely modern mobile compatible layout.

As always, Pixel Candy is at the forefront of the latest Website Design standards in not only Potchefstroom, but the world. We have made our new website 100% Responsive. What does mean you ask?

A responsive website, is a website that can automatically alter it’s layout and all the objects and text on the website, to best suit the size of the screen. So if you are using a Laptop or PC, you’ll see the website in full size, but if you had to view the website on your mobile phone or tablet (iPad / Samsung Galaxy) then all the objects and text will be resized, the layout will also move around. Say for example there are three columns next to each other, they will now be moved into one long column. Thus only requiring you to scroll down on your narrow phone’s screen.

In the end, it all adds up to a much better user experience.

We’ve also gone with a completely different Home Page than any other company in the Province. Our home page features all our designs in a modern styled layout. If you had to hover your mouse cursor over an image, you will see the name of the project, the client name, and which category it falls under. Be it Logo Design, Online Store Design, etc.

You can also use the filters at the top right, to narrow down the results instantly. So if you only wanted to see our Website Designs, then you can simply click the word, and it will only show Website Designs.

So enjoy the new website, and the much more user friendly layout and design.

Pixel Candy Web & Graphics Design Studio – Potchefstroom

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